MFR Ethical Code

Few roles demand as much trust, courage, and integrity as that of a medical first responder.   Ensuring community safety, or  providing life-saving medical care, EHS Medical First Responders are on frontline of the EHS system along with the hundreds of responders who protect and serve the communities of Nova Scotia.

As the Medical First Responder community continues to grow across the province, the importance of MFRs to having a comprehensive and modernized code of ethics is imperative to safe and ethical patient care. EHS MFR has introduced this new code March 1st, 2024 at the 1st Annual MFR Expo in Truro nova Scotia.  The EHS Code of Conduct for MFRs aims to reaffirm MFR’s commitment to integrity, accountability, and the highest standards of conduct while delivering care.


The 2024 MFR Ethical Code V1.1 here