MFR Agency Registration Application

To provide the criteria used to evaluate applications for EHS sponsorship of an MFR agency.

The following process will be used in sponsorship applications:
A more detailed application process, supported by data from the EHS Medical Communications
Centre, the Manager, EHS MFR Services, and other sources, will assist in more effective and
consistent MFR sponsorship criteria.

EHS MFR sponsorship must meet the following criteria and agreed to by all parties involved.

1. File an application for sponsorship. The application form will include the following

  • The number of certified MFR members. There is an expectation that an MFR
    agency is available to respond to calls 24 hours per day/7days per week in their
    coverage area.
  • Confirmation that the application is approved by the area Municipal Government
    (i.e. signature from Warden, Mayor or CAO).
  • Type of agency sponsorship:
      – Fire Department MFR agency
      – Community-based MFR agency
  • Estimated population
  • Areas of risk
  • Service level (level of response) requested
  • Signature of Fire Chief (or MFR Coordinator for a community-based agency)

2. Applications being presented must be legible and accurate. Upon receipt, the
application will be evaluated and presented to the EHS MFR Stakeholders
Committee. The applicant agency will be advised of the decision both verbally and in
writing. All evaluations, reports and noted findings will be filed for future reference.

3. Department or agency applying for sponsorship must be, or eligible to be, listed
within the EHS Medical Communications Centre Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
system as a response agency.

4. The Evaluation Committee will review/confirm:

  • MFR agency Application for Sponsorship
  • The agency applying for sponsorship is a community-based volunteer
    organization and is listed as a response agency in the EHS Medical
    Communications Centre Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
  • Documentation of location, population, hazards, risks
  • Availability and location of other responding agencies to a call in the applicant’s
    jurisdiction (coverage area)
      – Ambulance
      – Police
      – Mutual Aid Agencies
  • Strategic location, i.e. remote area

General Information

1. Any questions pertaining to the EHS MFR Program should be directed to:

Manager, EHS MFR Services
239 Brownlow Avenue, Suite 300
Dartmouth, NS B3B 2B2
Tel: (902) 832-8620
Fax: (902) 832-8602

2. The Manager, EHS MFR Services shall use all available data and resources to
review all applications. The Manager will then present the application to the EHS
MFR Evaluation Committee and the EHS MFR Stakeholders Committee.

3. Any application which has not been approved may be appealed within thirty (30)
days of written notification. Appeals should be addressed to:

EHS MFR Stakeholders Committee
c/o Director of Provincial Programs
EHS Emergency Health Services
237 Brownlow Avenue, Suite 160
Dartmouth, NS B3B 2C5
or faxed to (902) 424-1781.

If interested in becoming an MFR agency, please complete the attached application form and follow the included steps to submit.