How to become an MFR


  • Must be 19 years of age or older
  • Current NS Resident
  • Successfully completed MFR training by an EHS approved training agency (Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance or Rescue7
  • Must be associated with an EHS registered MFR agency

Individuals who meet the above eligibility may apply for registration with EHS MFR Services by submitting the MFR Registration/Re-registration Online Application and uploading or sending copy of their MFR Certificate to EHS MFR Services.

Registration with EHS MFR Services is for a three-year period. Tags are NOT renewed automatically; you have to re-apply on-line to receive your new MFR tag

MFR Training Course

The course that is required for a person to become certified as an EHS Medical First Responder is approximately 40-hours. This program builds on the advanced First Aid curriculum to include practical training on the use of tools/equipment provided by EHS MFR.

To register for the MFR Training Course contact one of the following:
Canadian Red Cross: 1-877-356-3226
St. John Ambulance: 1-800-565-5056
Rescue7: 1-888-294-4208