Additional Funding for MFR Agency Substations

To: All MFR Agencies

RE: Additional Equipment for MFR Substations

MFR Services and the EHS MFR Stakeholders Committee is pleased to announce EHS has provided funding to support MFR agencies with satellite stations (or sub-stations) with an additional medical kit and AED.

MFR agencies can apply for this resource by submitting the attached form or visiting the EHS MFR Hub. The Criteria for additional MFR equipment for substations include:

  • Applications submitted must be complete and accurate
  • Substation must be located at least 5km from primary agency location
  • Only applications from registered MFR agencies will be considered
  • Additional equipment must be stored in an agency owned or leased location
  • EHS Equipment must be stored in a temperature controlled environment
  • Agencies agree to submit AED checks every 3 months and after each cardiac arrest (which ever comes first)

EHS MFR would like to thank the MFR Stakeholder Committee and the Department of Health and Wellness for these additional resources for agencies that have large response areas and responds from multiple stations.  Please refer to the attached application form for MFR sponsored substation. If there are questions please contact [email protected]