EHS MFR Photo Contest

All MFR Agencies and Responders:
The launch date of the new MFR Community Hub is fast approaching!
As you may have noticed, the home page now features an updated look and feel. Once the new management program, called Guild, is deployed, you will notice several changes that will help improve service and communication for all MFR agencies across Nova Scotia.
To complement this fresh look, EHS MFR Program is seeking new photos of your MFR agency to be used for learning materials, the Community Hub, and EHS social media platforms. Photo submissions will be entered into a contest with the winner taking a swag bag of cool EHS items!
We are looking for a variety of photos, including ones that show MFRs and EHS paramedics engaging in training exercises, teamwork and collaboration between MFR service members and EHS paramedics, historic images of your agency, and photos of your team members.
The contest is open to all EHS MFR agencies, including staff and volunteers of each agency. All photos must be taken within Nova Scotia and care must be taken to avoid photos with patients or their identifying features, such as a vehicle or house.
For more on contest rules and eligibility, please go HERE.
Deadline for submission is February 18. Please send your photos to Jay Walker at [email protected].
We are looking forward to seeing your creative submissions!
J. Albert Walker ACP, MA-LT
Operations Manager
EHS MFR, Emergency Preparedness, and Special Operations