EHS MFR Photo Contest Instructions and Rules


All photographs entered must taken within Nova Scotia. The contest is open to all EHS MFR agencies, including staff and volunteers.  EHS Operations reserves the right to cancel the contest or modify these rules at its discretion.  All such decisions will be final.

EHS Operations will use reasonable efforts to contact the winners by email, but in the event winners do not respond within 10 business days from the time of judging, that Participant’s entry shall be deemed void.

Please refrain from taking or submitting any photos with patients or their identifying features, including vehicles, residences, or property. In addition, no persons who have not given their permission for the photograph to be published shall be shown.


1)Entries are to be digital photographs and submitted electronically with the following conditions for each photo:

  • A single photo per entry, distinctively titled emailed with the heading “EHSMFR Photo Contest Entry”
  • In an accompanying Microsoft Word file, you must identify the following:
  • identify the file name you’re going to be referring to
  • the names and contact info of those in the photo
  • the name of the photographer
  • where and when the photo was taken
  • the name of the service and the date the photo was taken.
  • Category the photo is being entered in

2)Photos cannot be more than 9.5mb in size (winners will be asked to provide full resolution photos)

3) Email photographs and documents to: [email protected]

4)Entries must be received prior to 5 p.m., February 18, 2022. Please include your documentation when you submit your photos.

5)If the person submitting the photograph and the photographer are not one and the same, a signed copy of a release of information form (supplied by the photographer) may be required if your photo is chosen.

6)Multiple entries allowed per category. (only 1 photo per email submission, multiple email submissions allowed)

Note*** By electronically submitting photos, the entrant agrees that the release of information forms have been signed and are available to the EHS MFR upon request.

Additional rules:

  1. Content alteration of digital files is not acceptable, including combining multiple photos.
  2. High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos are permitted.
  3. Cropping of photos is permitted.
  4. Tonal or colour corrections are acceptable.
  5. Borders, frames, text, or other graphic treatments are not permitted.
  6. Finalists will be asked to submit a high-resolution file suitable for print reproduction.
  7. The EHS judging committee reserves the right to disqualify contestants who are unable to submit verification of documentation, consent of persons photographed, or content that infringes patient confidentiality, or security of persons and responders.
  8. Please ensure that you supply the required information prior to February 12th, 2022. You will receive a receipt email confirming that your information has been received. Failure to comply with contest rules will result in your submission not being eligible for the photo contest.

Categories for Photo Submission

  1. Category 1: Training – a photo of your service participating in sessions.  Ideally, with EHS MFR facilitators.   Training should have appropriate PPE, procedures, and equipment in the photographs.  MFRs and EHS paramedics shall be practicing within their appropriate scopes as per EHS policy and procedure.  Photograph must not be older than 18 months from date of submission.
  1. Category 2: Teamwork and Interagency Collaboration – Photo of your service members performing a task with EHS personnel or members from peer MFR teams with the purpose being to achieve a common goal. Photograph must not be older than 18 months from date of submission.
  1. Category 3: Historic photographs of your MFR agency – Photos must be older than 60 months from date of submission.
  1. Category 4: Agency/Department – Photo of one or more members of your team, either posed or candid, doing something that does not fall within the description of the previous categories. Identify photo in this category with “Category 4 EHS MFR AGENCY”. Photograph must not be older than 18 months from the date of submission.


Individuals can only win once per category, but may win in multiple categories. Entrants must own all rights to the photographs submitted. As such, entrants hold the EHS and the EHS MFR Program and the contest organizers and judges harmless from any breach of copyright.

Photographs that violate or infringe upon another person’s copyright are not eligible. For a photo in which a person is recognizable, a model release is required. By your submission you agree to these contest rules and regulations. Model releases are the responsibility of the entrant and must be available to EHS Operations in the event the photo is a winner. If an entry is received without the appropriate documentation, it will not be considered. EHS Operations holds the right to disqualify entries with inappropriate content.


Winners’ names and photographs will be published on and associated EHS official social media platforms.  The EHS reserves the non-exclusive right to publish any entry and/or use any entry in promotional and advertising materials. Photos published will be credited to the photographer where possible.


All entries sent to [email protected] and must be received prior to 5 p.m. on February 18, 2022.


The winners will be selected by an EHS MFR panel. Winners will be notified by email ONLY by February 18, 2022. Decision of the judges is final.


EHS Operations is not responsible for any failure of the submission attempts during this contest. EHS Operations is also not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of computer online systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software or any email, as well as online or internet entries lost due to technical problems or online traffic congestion or at any website or any combination thereof. This includes any injury or damage to an entrant’s or any other person’s computer or property related to or resulting from downloading any material in the promotion.


With regard to any photograph submitted to this contest, the entrant, or the owner of copyright in the photograph, retains copyright. By uploading or submitting any photograph to this contest, the entrant grants (or warrant that the owner of such materials expressly grants) EHS Operations and EHS MFR Program, world-wide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, distribute, reproduce, and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for any EHS purpose. This includes, but is not limited, advertising and promotional materials, its website, exhibition, and commercial products, including but not limited to EHS publications.

EHS Operations will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such uses. Winning entrants are required to sign a release containing the above conditions. By electronically submitting these photos, the entrant agrees that they agree to the above conditions.