The New EHS MFR Community Hub is Open

We are happy to announce the responder and agency registration component to the MFR Community Hub is live (Tuesday, March 15, 2022).
This new platform will replace the former MFR website platform for all aspects related to the management of your registration moving forward. This platform will allow for:
  • New MFR’s to apply to the program;
  • The ability to update your contact information and change agency affiliation, or be associated with multiple agencies;
  • More timely communications from the MFR program and auto-reminders of upcoming re-registration deadlines;
  • The ability to register for in-person training sessions (ETA Spring 2022);
  • The ability to complete online education sessions within the platform (ETA Spring 2022).
As we transition to the new platform on Tuesday, you will need to sign in and set-up your account using your email address on the website. For further information on the login process and how to set up your account, follow these steps here.
Current MFRs do not have to renew their tag if their tag has expired within the past two years. MFRs with a tag expired more than two years will have to reapply.
The Community Hub will also provide additional functions to those who are MFR agency representatives and MFR training facilitators. Agency representatives will be able to:
  • Update your agency’s contact information;
  • View and edit the list of MFR’s within your department or agency;
  • Note: An online equipment and consumables ordering form is in the works and due to be released in the following weeks.
Full facilitator functionality will be released later this spring, with the launch of education and training tools. Facilitators will be able to schedule and manage in-person training sessions within the new platform.
If you have any questions or concerns about the new Community Hub, please visit the FAQ page or contact [email protected].