COVID-19 Update #2

Emergency Health Services (EHS) Medical First Response (MFR) Services would like to share anupdate with you regarding what EHS is doing to prepare for COVID-19, and what is happeningbehind the scenes and on the frontlines to support Nova Scotians. Please…

COVID-19 Update # 1

The Medical Communications Centre (MCC) will be screening incoming 911 calls usingInternational Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) standards. The screening willconsist of specific questions of persons presenting with flu-like symptoms. Theseadditional questions will include asking for travel history to Hubei…

Provincial MFR COVID-19 Response

As the incidence of COVID-19 continue to rise across Canada, it has become increasinglycomplex to determine the optimal infection prevention and control requirements for Medical FirstResponse (MFR) agencies. Your safety is our number one priority, which is why EmergencyHealth Services…

MFR COVID-19 Update 3 July 2, 2020

EHS MFR Services would like to thank Nova Scotia’s Medical First Response (MFR) agenciesfor their support and cooperation over the past several months as the Emergency HealthServices (EHS) system responded to COVID-19. More more information click the following link: