Zoll AED Information

Each Zoll AED3 shipped out by MFR Services for MFR agencies comes with one set of STAT pads and one set of UNI pads.  UNLESS the patient is a child, the STAT pads are to remain connected.

The UNI (Universal) pads are much more expensive as they can be used for Adults and Children, they also have a longer shelf life and only these pads will activate the Child Button on the machine.

MFR Services only restocks expired pads or ones used, we do not supply spare stock for Departments as the STAT and UNI pads are all that is required.

Please be aware that if the STAT pads are used on a call, you must order a replacement set asap from MFR Services. Attach the UNI pads immediately and keep them so until the new STAT pads arrive, at which time unplug the UNI pads and attach the replacement STAT pads.

In rare instances where the UNI pads are missing, the STAT pads can be used on Children BUT the Child Button will not activate.

The Green check mark should always be shown in the Maintenance window, if there is a Red cross showing or nothing, the unit may have an error, MFR Services must be contacted immediately.

To power down the AED3 after a call, press and hold the On button until the unit says, “Unit powering down”.

If the unit has no pads attached at all, then the battery must be removed to stop the AED from attempting multiple silent self-tests which then drains the battery.

Any questions or concerns contact [email protected]