Clinical Change for July 1st, 2022

All EHS MFR Agencies,

We are pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2022, EHS MFRs are asked to return to normal resuscitation (CPR) efforts. This includes artificial respiration via bag-valve-mask (BVM) and oxygen.  Before we transition from hands-only CPR to full resuscitation, EHS will be providing all MFR agencies two viral filters that attach to the EHS provided BVM. With continuation of COVID PPE precautions and the addition of viral filters, MFRs are well prepared to manage infectious control issues associated with a cardiac and/or respiratory arrest of a patient. All registered MFR agencies will have the viral filters sent via mail to their departments over the next four weeks, in preparation for the July 1st transition.  As a reminder, MFRs are still required to continue with COVID PPE measures.

Good news! The 2022 replacement for the Phillips AED’s have arrived from the vendor. Attached below are the 25 MFR agencies previously planned to receive a new Zoll AED. MFR Facilitators have been scheduled to deliver and orientate MFRs to the new devices. The remaining Phillips AED replacements are on target for replacement in 2023. 

If there are any questions please contact EHS MFR at 902-468-3051 or email at [email protected]

Thank you,


(Jay) Albert Walker ACP, MA-LT

Provincial Operations Manager

Emergency Preparedness – Special Operations – Medical First Responder Program.

Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia

[email protected]

2022 AED replacement list:

Advocate & District Volunteer Fire Brigade
Aylesford/Lake Paul Fire Department
Framboise-Fourchu Fire Department
Kemptville & District Volunteer Fire Department
Lemoine Fire Department
Meteghan Fire Department
Middle River Volunteer Fire Department
North Queens Volunteer Fire Department
North East Margaree Fire Department
Pictou Landing First Nation Fire Department
Port Hood Volunteer Fire Department
Pleasant Bay Vol. Fire Dept.
Port Williams Fire Department
River John Volunteer Fire Department
Seashore Fire Department
Southside Boularderie Medical First Response Agency
Southville Volunteer Fire Department
St. Bernard Fire Department
St. Peter’s & District Volunteer Fire Department
United Communities Fire Department
Valley Mills & District Volunteer Fire Department
Walden Volunteer Fire Department
West Bay Road Fire Department
Wileville Fire Department
Wood’s Harbour/Shag Harbour Volunteer Fire Department